Personal Emergency Response

About the Systems

A personal emergency response system is a unit which can be activated in the event of an emergency situation.   These units connect to a 24-hour emergency center where they can speak directly with the client, and can contact the client's family, emergency contact person or emergency services. These units are designed to provide a sense of security to those who have serious physical limitations, are living alone, or are experiencing frequent falls.

Regular PERS Units

These units will work approximately 300 feet from the base unit which is installed in the client's home.   A land line, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or cable telephone provider), or cellular telephone in the home is required.  These units are great for those clients who do not leave their homes often.

By pressing a button on either a bracelet or necklace (provided), clients are put in touch with the 24-hour emergency center. 


A GPS PERS Unit is a little more sophisticated than the regular units.  GPS PERS utilize cellular tower signals and can be used most places that a cell phone will work.  They have fall detection sensors, are about the size of a garage door opener, and require nightly charging.  

By pressing the button on the unit , clients are put in touch with the 24-hour emergency center, additionally if the client is inclined for a certain time period, the call center will automatically contact them to see if they are alright.  These units are more for clients who get out frequently and have a worse chance of falling.  The size of the unit should be taken into account when deciding on which type of PERS Unit to take.

You can find an application for services by clicking on the book icon shown below.


The company that the Commission on Aging contracts with, (Guardian Medical Monitoring) does offer other services and enhancements to the units that we offer, which may be of interest our clients.  The COA however offers only the units, with no additions.  If you would like to speak to Guardian regarding services beyond what we are able to offer, and you are willing to pay for those separately, please feel free to ask them what it would cost for you to enhance the service when they contact you to set up an appointment for installation.  
Sliding Fee Scale
An annual assessment is conducted to monitor client needs. Charges for these services are determined using the sliding fee scale shown and are based on the client's income.